Here's an overview of frequently asked questions that will assist in planning and coordinating your event.


How far in advance should I reserve my date?

Wedding receptions typically book 4-12 months in advance. Corporate events usually have a shorter lead time. If we're available, we can provide corporate lunches with a 48 hour notice. We suggest reserving your date as soon as it is confirmed. Summer weekends and all dates in December fill very quickly.


Do you provide tastings?

Yes, our Executive Chef is happy to prepare a selection of menu items for your enjoyment when you come in to plan your event. Since we do not keep premium or non-seasonal ingredients on-hand for tastings, we may substitute for likeness with some dishes. To off-set some expenses, we charge $45 per person for tastings. If you sign a contract with us, we will deduct 100% of the tasting charges from your balance due.


How do I choose the perfect menu?

We suggest a diversified and balanced approach when choosing a menu all of your guest would like. Try hitting all the bases with you spread by proving a poultry, beef, seafood, vegan and vegetarian option. Consider mixing hot and cold options when choosing hors d'oeuvres. Serve something slightly salty, something sweet, something bitter and something savory. This will allow flavor and texture variety in your menu. If opting for superior ingredients and freshness consider crafting a local and seasonal menu. For weddings, add a personal touch by sharing a story through your menu such as a first date or special moment.


Can I make up my own menu?

Absolutely! We love to help you customize a special menu just for your event. We offer a table session with our Executive Chef to construct a personalized menu. Our custom menu fee is $50.


Can you provide for vegan, vegetarian and special dietary needs?

We have wide variety of vegetarian, vegan and other special needs menu items. We will discuss your dietary needs and suggest a menu that will be suitable for you and your guests. Please tell us if we need to consider food allergies.


Can you provide rental items?

Yes. Not only can we arrange for the rental of the usual party items such as tables, chairs, linens, china, glassware and silverware, but we also have access to fine china, crystal, and specialty linens. We can also arrange for larger items such as canopies, stages and dance floors. We provide the rentals for you without a markup.


Do you provide wine or liquor?

While City Farm Company is not licensed to sell alcohol, we do maintain the necessary liability insurance to serve your guests if you provide the alcohol. We can provide you with recommendations on where to find the best buys and offer suggestions on selections.


Do you provide bartenders and servers?

Yes. Our bartenders and servers are trained, professional, and just plain nice! We carry full liability insurance for both food and alcohol service. As a general rule, you need to allow one bartender per 100 guests for beer and wine bars and one bartender per 75 guests for full bar service.


Do you have a corkage fee?

No. We will open and serve beverages you supply at no additional charge.


Do your servers wear uniforms?

Our trained, professional staff are attired either in black and white uniforms or in all black uniforms with long, black bistro aprons. They are professional, neat, and always ready to help!


Do you setup and cleanup?

We will dress and set the tables, clear the tables, and clean the service/kitchen area, leaving it as we have found it. If you wish us to set up and breakdown the tables and chairs there is an additional fee.


How many servers will be needed at my event?

As a general rule, we provide one server for every 25 people at a buffet. We provide one server for every twenty people at a sit down dinner. However, the server ratio depends on how formal or complicated the event is and may be reduced or increased, depending on these factors. A lavish six-course, sit-down dinner may require one server per 10-12 guests or a very simple buffet many only require 1 server for 35 people. Using your event details, we will recommend the minimum number of servers required based on our experience. Our goal is to make your event run smoothly, therefore we have a two server minimum for events.


Besides the cost of food, what charges can I expect for a catered event?

When we provide your personalized proposal, we list all of our estimated charges in order to provide you with a complete proposal. In addition to the package per person price, we include the following in each proposal: rental upgrades or additions (that we obtain on your behalf), labor charges for service staff, and sales tax.


What does the catering fee cover?

The catering fee offsets labor and administration costs such as dish washing, packing for your event, shopping for food, clean up, site visits, working with rental companies, etc. The catering fee is not a gratuity and is subject to state and local tax laws.


Is a gratuity included in your bill?

Gratuities are not itemized in the bill (unless directed to do so by the client), nor are they required. They are, however, graciously accepted by our staff for a job well done. A gratuity of $25-60 per staff member or a percentage of the total is customary. We do not put tip jars on bars for private parties and weddings.


What is your "Drop Off" service?

We bring a buffet to you, set it up and provide disposable serving items. There are no servers. A delivery fee is charged. This option works best for informal corporate events of 20 people. We provide a non-disposable buffet and dinnerware setup. Drop off catering service is for corporate catering only.


Do you provide paper goods, china, linens, or chafing dishes for drop offs?

For drop offs, we include quality paper plates and plastic eating utensils and will set up any necessary chaffing dishes. If you prefer china and silverware, we will be happy to make arrangements, however these items require that our staff to complete the setup at your event. A delivery & pick-up fee is charged.


How do you charge for labor?

We charge for our staff by the hour, based on a five hour minimum per staff person. We do our best to estimate the amount of time that our staff will be needed for your event. However, since many variables exist, the final cost is based on the actual time worked. For large full service events, we require an Event Manager to oversee staff and ensure the coordination of a successful event.


How do I secure booking for your service?

An estimated 50 % deposit is due at time of booking. The remaining balance is due no less than 7 days prior to event date.