Client Agreement (11/16/17): Lashane Greenhill



Catering and Event Service Agreement

The following terms and conditions are established to assist you in arranging your function. These terms and conditions are intended to ensure the highest level of quality in your food & beverage services. For use of services provided by City Farm Company, the responsible financial party must sign this agreement.




Final guest count for an event must be received 14 full working days prior to the event. This count becomes your guaranteed number and is not subject to reduction. We will make every effort to accommodate an attendance increase, up to 10% above the guaranteed number. An invoice will be submitted to cover the additional increase in guest count and payment must be submitted by next business day. However, we cannot guarantee availability of additional items as specified in the original order and will be substituted accordingly. Please note if guest count decreases the per person price may increase and vice versus. This is because the less product needed the more per poundage cost from farmers and artisans. We share that same structure with our clients.


Late Bookings

We encourage you to reserve and book your date as soon as possible. Dates will not be held or reserved until contract is signed and the deposit is made. We reserve the right to cancel events that are requested late or exceed our capacity to provide service. Full payment of 100% will be required if your booking is made 21 days or less from your scheduled event date.


Payments and Deposit Fee

Billing arrangements for all events must be made in accordance with policies, unless otherwise negotiated. A 50% estimated deposit is due at time of booking. The additional 50% (final payment) is due no less than 14 days prior to event date. Balance payment must be paid prior to service unless otherwise specified and arranged. An additional 5% of your total invoice will be added to your final invoice for each scheduled payment that is paid late.  We reserve the right to cancel services for any event paid in an untimely manner. We accept checks, money orders, credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). Checks and money orders are made payable to City Farm Company and must be received on or before your scheduled payment date. If we receive a returned check for NSF, you will be responsible for a $45.00 NSF bank fee which will be added to your invoice. 

Please mail all checks and/or money orders to the following mailing Address:

City Farm Company

922 Joseph Ave.

Nashville, TN 37207


Menu Customization

Personal menu customization is available for any event style. If you choose to customize a menu a customization fee of $50 will be assessed after your first free initial consultation. After your consultation an invoice will be sent and due upon receipt. We allow 2 changes to a customized menu. If more than 3 changes are wanted then another customization fee will be assessed to create a new menu



If the client cancels a contracted event within 31 days, City Farm Company will retain the deposit/retainer fee less 25% as liquidated damages. If the client cancels a contracted event within 30 days the deposit and/or final payment is non-refundable as liquidated damages. In some special circumstances, deposits for cancelled events may be held for up to 1 (one) year, to be put towards another catering event booked with City Farm Company. Future events must be booked in the same manner, adhering to a newly signed catering contract. 


Unused Food & Beverage

Any leftover food or beverage remains the property of City Farm Company.  We are not a liberty to leave any food on premises if we can not insure proper storage and temperature once the food is taken off that designated premises. 

This does not apply for drop-off service. All leftovers can be shared at your discretion. We do advise that items be refrigerated and/or stored properly after consumption.



Garbage removal off premises is the responsibility of the party host. In the event of a home-based party, the owner of the home or host of the party will retain and remove all garbage off site. Catering staff will gather, conceal, and dispose of all garbage bags. If event is located at a venue, On site garbage bins or dumpsters must be present for the caterer to dispose of garbage on premises. In the event a homeowner, or hall/venue, does not provide garbage disposal bins or requires the caterer to remove garbage off-site, a $125 disposal fee will be applied for arranging garbage pick-up and removal. 



We reserve the right to charge for missing or damaged equipment attributed to the individuals attending a catered event. Final bill for any damaged or missing equipment will be sent to the organizer/contract holder within 14 days after the event. Payment is due upon receipt


Drop-off Service

We provide all necessary materials for consumption such as buffet setup, serving utensils and disposable dinnerware. To insure proper food temperature, handling and safety we do not allow clients to provide outside materials for any food provided by City Farm Co.  


Load In and Load Out

Load in for an event may only take place in the scheduled times, as provided by your Catering manager, and in relation to your venues specifications. Your Catering Manager will contact your vendors to discuss these time restrictions. Vendors arriving prior to the load in time will not be given entry unless the venue has accommodated an earlier time frame. In the event load out must occur on the same evening of the event, rental pick up and removal will have an increased charge. Please ensure all timelines are matched with your appropriate venue. City Farm Company is not responsible for items left behind at the conclusion of an event.


Service Staff

Where Service Staff are requested at the event, a 4 hour minimum guarantee will be quoted. We reserve the right to increase or decrease the number of staff if guaranteed guest count is 10% higher or lower than the number included in this contract. All Service Staff hours are provided on the catering work order at an estimated time (set up, service, clean up or tear down) depending on the catering needs. Overtime at the cost of $300 per additional hour over scheduled stop time will begin at 1 min over the stop time listed in your contract. Where overtime is incurred, the actual hours worked by staff at the event will be reflected on the invoice one (1) day following the event. Payment is due upon receipt. Where staff is necessary for the overall success of the event, including presentation of the food and assistance to the catering team, staff will be non-negotiable for dinner parties greater than 8 people, cocktail parties greater than 20 people and where deemed necessary by the Catering Manager. 


Bartender Service

Bartender service is an additional charge, and is billed at a rate of $200 per staff member. Bartenders must be booked for a minimum of 4 hours, and must be scheduled for entire service time, plus one hour for set up and half hour for cleanup where applicable. Each additional hour over will be billed at $25/hour per staff member. We use ABC Certified bartenders. We do not provide alcohol. If you decline bartender service for your function, we shall take no responsibility for the alcohol service or restocking of the bar, ice, cleaning glassware etc. at the event/function. This responsibility falls with the host and their selected bartenders or bar service. Please note the number of bartender staff needed is contingent on your final guest count.



We reserve the right to request identification and/or to refuse service at any event. We reserve the right to close the bar service due to patron interactions. City Farm Company will hold no liability to any damages to guests or event location on or off premises. All liquor permits and any additional insurance coverage are up to the event organizer and host to purchase and organize and must be obtained and available at event location.



The purpose of the tasting is to show how the menu items that have been chosen for the event will be presented and garnished. A tasting also gives the client an opportunity to provide feedback and request any changes. Tastings can be accommodated for 1 to 5 people. Standard Tasting Fee is $50.00 and accommodates up to 2 people and all menu items will reflect your chosen menu. For each additional person, a charge of $30.00 per person for the tasting will apply. Upon booking with a signed contract and deposit, the Standard Tasting fee is then deducted from your final invoice. Please speak to us for more details. 



All applicable government and sales taxes will be imposed and paid by the client.



Rentals must be finalized 10 days prior to your event. City Farm Company will make every effort to accommodate last minute changes, but this is not a guarantee.


Cancellation by Acts of God and/or Failure to Provide Service

City Farm Company shall have no responsibility or liability for failure to supply any services when prevented from doing so by strikes, accidents, power failure, Acts of God (i.e. flood, fire, etc.), or any other cause beyond the Caterer's control.


Event Location

The client assumes all responsibility for any damages/theft to property rented to the client that may be caused by patrons, members, guests, or invitees. Rental of location is the sole responsibility of the client and it is recommended that client confirm with location that all necessary equipment/rooms are included. 


Venue & Landmark Fee

Please note that in the event your chosen venue requests a catering Landmark Fee, you will be charged a landmark commission fee (based on the individual venues percentage, i.e. 15%, 7.5% etc.) on food, beverage and event staff as per the venues contract.  

“A Landmark fee, or Commission Fee, is a percentage of the total caterer or supplier invoice that is paid to the venue for operating within that venue. This is charged to the client on the caterer or vendor invoice, which then gets forwarded to the venue.”

*Note any venue fee to include but not limited to a Catering Rental Fee for use of space, commissions and/or service fees will the responsibility of the client.


Pricing Guarantee

City Farm Company will guarantee pricing for up to seven (7) days from a proposal request within thirty (30) days of your event. If your proposal request is thirty one (31) days or more we guarantee pricing for up to fourteen (14) days. After the specified time-frame the will proposal expire. We reserve the right to substitute items that become available in the open market or that exceed reasonable market costs. We will contact the client for approval if time allows.  

This agreement coincides with the catering order and proposal which outlines the type of food, timeline, and equipment to be provided by City Farm Company for the client. A copy of this must accompany this agreement along with payment submitted to make it whole.


By entering your full name and date below you are entering into a contract agreeing to City Farm Company's terms and conditions laid out in the Catering and Event Services Agreement.

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