our roots

We're a family owned and operated Southern contemporary kitchen & catering company located in Nashville TN.  Our seasonal ingredient kitchen is sourced by local farms and artisans. Owner/Operators Chef Lakendra Davis, East Tennessee native and Shavone Holt, West Tennessee native, established City Farm Company 2016 after the couple met 6 years ago in Nashville.  The couple started dating in 2013 and decided to root in Nashville. 

City Farm Company was born as a pop up restaurant nestled inside of the Nashville Farmers' Market.  As a scratch kitchen, we create and design our dishes to keep their integrity in flavor and source. By sourcing from local farms and artisans, we can commit to preparing only the freshest produce and meats.   

Co-Owner and Chef Lakendra Davis, a culinary arts graduate, pays homage to southern staples by taking ingredients and dishes you're familiar with and elevating them.  Shavone Holt, co-owner took her 15 years of sales and marketing experience and the pair decided to open City Farm Company.


"Our mission is dedicated to providing a complete dining experience to customers. We believe our customers deserve the best ingredients and by nurturing relationships with local farmers and artisans we can assure our mission. "

- Shavone Holt