A full service planning and catering company that brings a stylish and elegant minimalist design to every project. Our client services extends to weddings, socials and corporate events.


Our Services

event style

Our services are designed to compliment your style and taste. We've compiled a layout of our services and a few things to consider when deciding your style and service type.



Our mission is to share a bold true southern contemporary dining experience with our couples that embody culinary excellence. We focus on designing and styling dishes with subtle elegance and fashion, yet bold in taste and flavor to compliment your wedding.



Our services are designed to compliment your style and taste. The culinary pairing of style and taste is the key to elevating your guest experience at any event.



We thrive on excellent service and building long term relationships with our clients.  We provide menu options that focus on both a green and healthy initiative for your employees. Our goal is to provide quality food and exceptional service.

Service Style

The style of service will influence the types and varieties of foods a caterer can offer. This section is all about what you need to know to choose the best service style for your event.



Refers to wait staff carrying around trays of food items and/or beverages directly to guests.  Passing adds a special touch of elegance as a pre-function or main touch.



This style is the most traditional and typically the most formal. This is a high level of service where guests are to be seated and served by a waitstaff at pre-assigned tables.  This style of service is labor intensive



At a buffet, guests select their food from either one long table or stations strategically placed throughout the room. A buffet can be formal when served by stylish waitstaff or more relaxed with self-serve stations


Family Style 

A family style meal will have your guests seated at a table while our service staff brings out the food on large serving platters to be passed around among themselves.  



Stations add a creative culinary balance matching style and decor will elevate your entire event. Entertaining and innovative, these chef-attended food stations add extra freshness. Live action stations encourages guest interaction. Stations can be designed as chef-attended or self serve. 


We provide a convenient and superior service options. This section will assist you with choosing how you would like to utilize our services.


Full Service

As a full service catering company we can handle every aspect of your event.  This is allow you the opportunity to indulge and enjoy your experience. We handle aspects such as vendor management service and coordinating in addition to catering. Some examples of what is provided are china, linen, service equipment, rentals, decor, lounge seating, tables, staffing and more. With this service our team completes full set, breakdown and cleanup for any items provided or coordinated by City Farm Company


Drop Off

This service is ideal for group lunching such as corporate and craft services. We provide a convenient solution to providing your group a quality experience. Our drop off service is all inclusive with buffet set up that includes the necessary Eco-friendly disposable items. Drop off catering services are reserved for corporate catering ONLY.