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City Farm Company is an expert at pairing food and mood to create a personalized experience for every wedding. Since food is a proven emotional link to mood, we focus on how you want to feel on your special day.

Our mission is to share a dining experience with our couples that embodies culinary excellence. Using local ingredients, we design and style dishes with theme and fashion, yet bold in taste and flavor. We set the bar for wedding catering with our excellent service and professional staff.

Our wedding coordinator guides couples through selecting a menu, from the menu tasting to the end of your wedding. Choose from our extensive themed menus or tell us your own vision. We cater to all weddings, from classic sit downs or buffet catering to elegant cocktail weddings.


Once you have selected menu items that interest you, we can plan a tasting session with our coordinator to guide you through your menu selections and assist in making a final decision. Our tasting service begins at $100 per couple.

LGBtQ+ Weddings

City Farm Company is willing and dedicated to helping all couples, regardless of sexual orientation. Contact us today to find out more about what City Farm Company can offer for your wedding or other relationship celebrations.

Wedding Overview

  • Outstanding creative and elegant food prepared by our chefs using the freshest local ingredients.

  • A highly skilled and efficient service team

  • Experience catering serving small and large numbers for any occasion

  • All inclusive catering packages to include coordinating, venue and beverage service. Our inclusive services mean we will do everything plus clean-up at the end of your event.

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